Changing the course of health

Greg Behar
CEO of Nestlé Health Science S.A.

"Nestlé Health Science is a company on a mission and on the move leading a nutritional innovation frontier across Consumer Care, Medical Nutrition and Novel Therapeutic Nutrition.

We are motivated by the opportunity to forge a major therapeutic role for nutrition in the management of health, generating value for people, patients, healthcare professionals and the healthcare systems as a whole.

We see a growing need for nutritional innovation and exciting opportunities to accelerate their arrival. Societies are aging and age and lifestyle related diseases are spiraling, fuelling the need for safe, effective and cost-effective solutions. At the same time, scientific understanding of health, disease and the potentiality of nutrition – as an integral part of managing health and disease – is advancing.

We are seizing the opportunities ahead of us. We are not only innovating and building upon our existing consumer and medical nutrition portfolio, but also investing in and collaborating with entrepreneurial biotech companies to help bring to market transformational therapies, such as microbiome and lipid therapeutics. Our pipeline is strong and balanced across each of our business areas.

We have over 3,000 colleagues around the world who are incredibly proud of the role we play in healthcare today, as well as excited by the potential of tomorrow. We are building a new pillar of growth for Nestlé and play a key role in the Group’s Nutrition, Health and Wellness transformation. Our aim to be recognized as the world’s leading nutritional therapy company.

By exploring and harnessing the power of nutrition to change the course of health we are making a difference to peoples’ health status and quality of life and are on an inspiring journey with all of our stakeholders. Together, let’s succeed."