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What are the Benefits of Peptamen?

Peptamen® delivers rapid and sustained improvement for patient in hospital and the ICU and allows continuity of care in the home. Peptamen® family is a comprehensive range of products designed to help improve GI tolerance for the patients with malabsorption and malnutrition. All Peptamen® products contain hydrolyzed 100% whey protein and MCTs to aid absorption and reduce GI intolerance. Peptamen® is proven to improve patient outcome, leading to better quality of life and patient satisfaction.

Peptamen® is the only family of peptide-based formulas supported by over 30 years of clinical experience and more than 70 published studies.  

What characterizes Peptamen® are three key features: 100% whey protein, peptides and its medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) blend. The Peptamen® family includes products with different protein levels, caloric densities, flavour alternatives and lastly, products with and without fibre. Peptamen® helps to improve GI tolerance in vulnerable patient populations, specifically those who are in an ICU or receiving enteral nutrition in a home environment. 

100% whey protein 
The proteins provided by the Peptamen® Adult family of products are composed of 100% whey proteins. Whey proteins are shown to support anabolism, improve feeding tolerance, and help support the body’s antioxidant system in its defence against damaging free radicals  

The Peptamen® family of products consist of small peptides hydrolyzed from bigger larger whey protein molecules to facilitate digestion and absorption in patients with GI dysfunction (210). Peptides are easily absorbed even when the GI tract is impaired. The small peptides bind to peptide carriers, are transported into the mucosal epithelial cells and are further broken down into amino acids where absorption into the bloodstream occurs.  

MCT(medium-chain triglyceride) 
The Peptamen® family of products contain 50 to 70% of fat as MCTs. The high proportion of fat content as MCTs can facilitate lipid absorption for rapid digestion to help provide readily available energy and improve feeding tolerance, thereby decreasing the risk of fat malabsorption. 

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